Optimum quality

Service and quality


Our technical team has extensive experience in the cosmetic sector.

Internal laboratory.

Integrated microbiology and quality control laboratory that allows us to test and develop new formulas.


We offer our customers solutions.


Our service quality is present at every stage of the production process.

Optimal quality

An experienced and dynamic team of professionals, in synergy with the application of the most advanced techniques:

- Spectrophotometric and chromatographic (HPLC, UV), analysis of raw materials and finished product.
- Composition and resistance (dynamometers, thermobalances, etc.)

Allowing us to ensure continuous innovation in our developments and seamless traceability in the manufacture of its products

Our certifications: IFS HPC, ECO CERT and FSC.

Undertakings and responsibilities

- Customer satisfaction as primary focus of attention.
- Involvement and team work.
- Innovation and pioneering design in facilities.

- Continuos improvement of environmental protection.
- Minimising of environmental aspects and impact.
- Rational use of natural and energy resources.

- Risk prevention and control.
- Continuos improvement in health and safety.
- Continuos training.
- Collaboration with companies for the inclusion of people with disabilitie.