High-tech machinery

Industrial equipment with pharmaceutical standard

Our objective is to offer best-in-class facilities and above average quality standards, which allow us produce wipes efficiently while maintaining high quality standards.

- Water is treated with a double osmosis process.
- This water is stored and recirculated in a "loop" completely sterile distribution.
- Water purity is guaranteed microbiologically.
- Making the impregnation mixture it is made in a cleanroom.
- Mixing tanks, pipes and pumps are made to pharmaceutical standards.
- The packaging phase is also carried out in cleanroom.


- 8 lines of specialized products production.
- Weights: 20 gr. / M2 - 100 gr./m2.
- Formats: 1 towel / pk. - 12 wipes / pk.
- Embedded automatic robots.
- Bagged in multiple formats, jars, sachets.
- Large storage capacity both finished products and raw materials.